Director Welcome Note

Assalamualaikum and greetings.

I am deeply honored and grateful to Allah SWT for having given me the trust to carry out the responsibilities as the director in this centre. Centre of Excellence (COE) Bio Aromatic was established to support Pahang Strategic Plan of Biodiversity and Biotechnology. Under the strategic plan, seven keys have been highlighted to optimize and conserve biodiversity sources including harnessing centre of excellence, establishment of Pahang Biotechnology Centre, establishment of Biotechnology Education Unit, expansion of local market access and physical initiative package. COE Bio Aromatic bears responsibility to manipulate biodiversity resource through scientific research and development to leverage achievement in biotechnology and bio-processing under Pahang state.

Our concern covers bio aromatic source from fundamental study to optimization and commercialization up to international marketing. Beginning with exploring valuable treasure from our own rainforest agarwood tree (Aquilaria sp), COE Bio Aromatic embarks into its first engine of operation. The mystery of agarwood formation in natural habitat which cost expensive value in international market, either oil product or wood chip, attracts investor and collaborator to support this project. Agarwood is well known for its unique fragrance attribute to perfumery and pharmaceutical industry. To our pride, biotechnology company from Switzerland, Evolva SA, interested on this project, thus, agree to collaborate along with Universiti Malaysia Pahang and Biotech Corp in agarwood compound biosynthetic production.

Flavour and fragrance industry has been highlighted with sporadic launch of newly health and cosmetic product which highly value contribution of flavour and fragrance. Awareness of huge profit and potential of local to develop and commercialize flavour and fragrance product has given chance for us to exist as a platform to assist through research and industrial linkage.This is to ensure local flavour and fragrance industry may stand along with international brand while preserving biodiversity condition in our rainforest and ocean.