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E-Anfun™ is an electric nose (E-Nose) odor sensor technology used to detect and monitor odor (volatile organic compounds, VOC) in industry and various sectors. The sensor utilizes two (2) main components:

  1. Scientifically validated database – Gas chromatography analysis for targeted and marker compounds identification
  2. Reliable sensor system – Case-based reasoning (CBR) as artificial intelligent (AI) system for accurate and rapid results


We offer product sale, rental, service and contract research for odor-related problem and industry. This is the TRUE odor sensor with customizable odor library according to industrial demands.

Application: The sensor is a platform technology, able to be used in environmental monitoring, raw material inspection, quality assessment (QA), and also health and safety for hazardous gas detection. Thus, our product covers agricultural sector, food industry, automotive and also oil and gas industry.

Client: Ajmal Perfume (Dubai), Sime Darby Oil (Thailand), Sime Darby Plantation (Malaysia), Malaysia Cocoa Board (LKM), Malaysia National Water Service (SPAN) and many other industries.


Company: Synbion Sdn Bhd


Contact: Aizal (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


23 January 2015